Fight climate change while you shop online

Become a CO₂ok Ninja with our Ninja App. You shop and the store pays a CO₂ compensation at no extra cost for you. Fighting climate change was never this easy. How it works


Become a CO₂ok Ninja

Simply register with us and install the app. The app is safe, open source, and respects your privacy - our Privacy Policy


Start shopping in your Ninja suit. After paying we will receive a commission from the shop.

Fight climate change

With this commission we finance projects that directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In effect this makes your purchase climate neutral. Thank you 💚.

There are no extra costs for you. The CO₂ compensation is fully covered by the shop.

Get involved & fight climate change

See how much difference you can make

With the commission we finance sustainable energy and CO₂-emission reduction projects via our certified partners. These projects actively reduce the amount of CO₂ emitted, thereby making your purchase climate neutral. In doing so you are positively impacting the environment!

How CO₂ compensation works. Read more in the FAQ

With your help we support these sustainable projects!

Check out the various projects your clicks finance.

CO₂ok Ninja Privacy Policy

We fight climate change, we don’t mine data! That is why we don’t collect or save any of your personal shopping data. With us your data is yours only.

We work transparent and our code is open source. You can have a look how our Ninja App is technically made. The entire source code is open for you, no secrets involved. You find it here: Sourcecode Ninja App - browserextension

Our Ninja App system only needs the right to locally see which online shop you are visiting to activate the commission. The information about visited websites does not leave your computer, so your privacy is protected.

Look further into our Privacy Policy


For the Ninja App to work properly it needs to have access to the information about the website you are visiting to know if you’re on one of our partners’ sites. In short, the Ninja App downloads the list of partner shops, then works in the background, comparing the website you’re viewing against the downloaded list, and if there is a match, it shows our CO₂ok button. The information about visited websites does not leave your computer, so your privacy is protected. The Ninja App has an open code available at Github so anyone can view and audit it to make sure it is safe to use.

No! We don’t need your Data to fight climate change and therefore we don’t collect or save any personal shopping data. Our goal is to make the world a better place and not collecting data. We do get information about what kind of products are purchased and how many items are bought each month, but we do not track individual users’ purchases & don’t store them!

We have partnered with several big e-commerce businesses such as Ebay, Bol.com, Booking.com, CoolBlue, Aliexpress, Etsy, and over 22000 others. See the list of all participating stores.

  1. Our users are clients who have a strong incentive to buy from our partner shops and not their competition.
  2. We are preparing multiple new features such as highlighting partners’ websites in search results. These features directly drive new consumers to partners’ stores.
  3. Thanks to CO₂ok the brands of the shops are associated with a great cause. They show that climate and our environment matters to them as well and with this they boost their image.

We invest 75% of the commission in the CO₂ compensation. The remaining 25% are much needed to keep CO₂ok going. We just started and our margin doesn’t even cover the costs. Our goal is to make an impact and give everybody the chance to easily fight climate change. Eventually, we will reduce our margin – we are not in this to become rich. We will always be open and transparent and therefore we will report our income and spending each year.

First of all, our partners usually donate 2-12 times more through the Ninja App (1-6%) than Amazon does through Amazon Smile (only 0.5% of the final price). So, if you care about having as big a positive impact on the world as you can, using the Ninja App either instead of or in addition to Amazon Smile is a way to achieve that. Moreover, there are a lot of products or services available in our partner stores that are not available on Amazon. For example, travel services (hotels, flights, train tickets, car rentals), financial products, or sport clubs’ official apparel.

Atmosfair and Fair Climate Fund provide us with certificates to prove we compensated. Additionally, we will report our income and spending each year.

No, the Ninja App is absolutely free to use. The prices in the online stores are exactly the same whether you use the app or not.

Yes, there are three reasons: 1) We are constantly working on new partnerships, so we may partner with stores that you do use in the near future. It’s easier to have it already installed rather than regularly check if stores that you use have been added. 2) If you even once decide to buy from our partners stores, having the Ninja App already installed can be a difference with the output of CO₂ in the world. It’s better to have it installed just in case, rather than miss an easy opportunity to do a lot of good for free. 3) It is easier to establish new partnerships with a bigger user base: the more users the Ninja App has, the easier it is to convince new stores to join our initiative. Therefore, by installing the Ninja App, you make it more probable that we will partner with shops you use in the future.

After installing the Ninja app you will see a our “Shop CO₂ok” box whilst shopping in one of our partner stores. Simply click this box and you will be redirected back to the partner store (exactly where you were before). From then on, whenever you buy something, CO₂ok receives a portion of the price you pay (usually between 1% and 6%). We donate our profits to carefully selected organisations such as Atmosfair. Some stores will require you to repeat the process after some time. You are a mobile Ninja - see here.

We would like to thank Altruisto for putting their code open source so we could fork our own project based on their previous work. Altruisto does a great job at donating to charities through online shoppings. Their GitHub repo can be found here: Altruisto GitHub repository